Televic Rail: Connect - Inform - Control

Televic Rail designs, produces and maintains communication and control systems for the railway market.

Communication and control systems

Televic Rail designs, produces and maintains communication and control systems for the railway market. Worldwide over 25,000 vehicles are equipped with our on-board solutions.

For more than 30 years Televic Rail has been a leading, trusted partner for railway operators and train builders all over the world.


Out of the 300 people Televic Rail employs, there are 80 R&D specialists. To stay on top of innovation they often collaborate internationally with universities, technology centers and research labs.

For Televic innovation is of utmost importance: it enables us to offer products and services that really create added value.

  • Televic has registered more than 30 patents and awards, making it a leading specialist for on-board communication systems.
  • Our product management and innovation teams are constantly working on cutting-edge technology.
  • 80% of our turnover comes from products developed in the last 5 years.

Televic Rail is ISO and IRIS certified

The IRIS certification confirms the quality, reliability and sustainability of Televic’s products. It ensures the continuous quality improvement throughout the supply chain thanks to standardized requirements.

Our values


Innovation is at the core of what we do. We always push back the boundaries of knowledge so that we can offer our clients new and lasting products and solutions that make a difference. Read how innovation is fostered at Televic.


We continually monitor the latest technologies and adapt to the changing needs of our markets. As a result, we can respond faster and take advantage of new opportunities sooner by leveraging our expertise so our customers always benefits from cutting-edge developments.


Our robust systems and solutions are of the highest quality and built to last by an expert team who between them have over 70 years relevant experience. This makes us a trusted and reliable long-term partner to our customers.

No-nonsense mentality

In a competitive world where cost efficiency is key, our expertise is combined with commercial reality and a commitment to customer service. We never make empty promises.

Televic Group: where communication meets technology

Televic Rail is part of Televic, an international company specialized in innovative communication technology. Televic, headquartered in Belgium, employs over 700 employees worldwide, and maintains operations across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US.