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Data Synchronization and Management for the entire Fleet

  • Optimized data transfers with guaranteed data integrity, using any wireless link (e.g. Wi-Fi, 4G ...)

  • Interoperable and future-proof modular design based on proven technologies and standards

  • Respects procedures and rules from third party systems

  • Efficient provisioning and updating dependency management in case of multiple, trigger-based activations (e.g. on date/time, network ...), automated queuing

  • Monitoring and management single user interface for all fleet applications

  • Secure end-to-end encryption of data transfer, credential-based access to user interface

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Learn everything about data transfers in the railway sector.

The rail-oriented focus of iSync leads to a high-quality data synchronization and management solution for rail, avoiding the need to go through lengthy, expensive, and hard to maintain customisation cycles of generic tools for data synchronization.

Data Synchronization and Management

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