Bombardier - High Speed Train V300 Zefiro ETR 1000

Bombardier: "The Italians love their Frecciarossa. The ‘Red Arrow’ has heralded a new age of exceptionally fast journeys across the country."

The Zefiro 300, also known as Frecciarossa, is a high-speed train connecting major Italian cities. To enable the highest possible speed through the sweeping course of the routes the train utilises a Televic active bogie wheel steering system.

COSAMIRA offers superior running performance

The Televic Rail COSAMIRA technology measures and controls the tilting of train car bodies and monitors for safety anomalies such a gauge infringement and wheel unloading together with track analysis for the detection of rail damage. This monitoring results in:

  • Superior Running Performance
  • Cost savings in wheel and rail wear
  • Improvements to Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Train builder Bombardier is proud of the Zefiro trains, that offer exceptionally fast journeys across the country: "ZEFIRO trains maximize revenue generation with their high capacity, low operating costs and ability to seamlessly cross borders and operate at different speeds."

Bombardier Zefiro 300 Frecciarossa Televic Rail designed and delivered the wheel axle lateral accelerometer sensors, the sensor gateways and the controller platform for the Zefiro 300.

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References - Control systems

Country Italy
Train Builder Bombardier
Train Operator Trenitalia
Kind of project Long Distance Trains
Number of Vehicles 400
Year 2011 -

Picture above and on the left © Herbert Frank

Bombardier Zefiro 300 New build project in Europe (2011- )