Visual information

On-board visual information is imperative in public transportation: From information about the next stops; real-time data about destinations, and schedule changes; to digital signage and entertainment. By sharing the right information at the right time, passengers benefit from the relevant and necessary information for them during the journey, thus enhancing the passenger experience and improving the accessibility of public transportation.

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Depending on the requirements and possibilities for integration in the vehicle, visual information is commonly shared via two different display types: TFT screens and/or LED screens. Regardless of the type, all Televic GSP displays are designed and built in-house and meet the latest railway norms and can be customized on request.

TFT screens

The color calibrated TFT screens offer superior image quality, both for static images and video content. Highdefinition screens are the perfect tool to visualize any type of content, such as next stop info, train loading overviews, real-time delays and public transport connections. In addition to sharing information related to the journey, TFTs are also an excellent choice to show digital signage information (e.g. the direction to the bar car), or to display advertisements and as such generate an additional income. Televic GSP TFT screens are available in a wide range of form factors (16:9, ultra-wide, etc.), single and double side models, different sizes, finishing grades and mounting options, and are as such able to fit in any interior at the best possible total cost of ownership.

LED screens

LED displays deliver messages with unequaled brightness and contrast levels. Available in various sizes and always offering perfect visibility, even in direct sunlight. LED displays can be installed in passenger saloons, as well at the front and side of the vehicle, informing passengers on the platforms about train destinations, car numbers and journeys. Thanks to the Content Management module of LiveCoM Suite, the content on the TFTs and LEDs are fully enduser customizable so the PIS system can evolve with time, for example to share additional content with passengers, to change logos, video content, etc.


  1. Visibility: Share visual information of any kind with passengers through exterior and interior TFT and/or LED displays.
  2. Variety: Available in a wide range of sizes, form factors, mounting possibilities to match any interior and any requirement.
  3. Full control: When combined with LiveCoM Suite, the operator is able to take complete control over the content of the PIS while resting assured of high-quality rendering on-board: bright colors, smooth animations and video.
  4. Durability: Proven long lifetime in challenging railway conditions worldwide.
  5.  Profit: Generate additional income through advertising in combination with LiveCoM Suite.


  • Various sizes, form factors, mounting options
  • High brightness, long lifetime
  • Automated brightness control
  • Anti-glare safety glass
  • Robust enclosures, slim designs
  • Support for IP daisy chaining
  • Railway standards compliant

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