LiveCoM Suite

Shape, organize and manage the passenger information flows

The LiveCoM Suite provides an advanced user interface to allow:

  • Flexible Content Management for on-board Passenger Information & Entertainment
  • Configurable collection of on-board operational data for richer insights
  • Remote control of passenger information in case of events
  • Centralized management of remote dataset and software updates

Integrated and modular solution to inform passengers

Passenger satisfaction starts here - with relevant and up-to-date information anytime and anywhere.

The LiveCoM Suite allows rail operating companies to integrate real-time data from a wide variety of data sources to provide passengers with up-to-date and reliable information under any operating condition.

The platform offers the necessary interfaces and tools to connect the information system to on-board and wayside systems. The modular framework makes it possible to shape functionalities in a flexible manner.

Intuitive user interface

To optimize all workflows the LiveCoM Suite has a unified look-and-feel, designed in cooperation with user experience experts.

livecom software passenger information train The LiveCoM Suite was designed in cooperation with user experience experts.

Overview of the functionalities

Content Management

Define and direct the audio-visual content of the on-board Passenger Information System (PIS). Fully define the look, feel and sound of the PIS whenever needed.

Transit Data Management

Import or manually defi ne transit data such as stations and station metadata, journeys and timetables. A GTFS import option is available by default, custom import filters can be created on request.

Real-time Information

Automatically connect to and exchange data with various wayside and on-board data sources to retrieve real-time information and direct it to the on-board PIS systems at the right time.

Access Management

Manage user and application access rights to the various functionalities of the LiveCoM Suite. Interface with existing identity services via OpenID Connect or SAML.

Fleet Configuration

Get a quick overview of the blueprint of all vehicles and use this information to address the right devices at the right time.

Data Analytics

Get valuable insights and analyses from the collected data. Consult dashboards with the processed data, charts and insights.

Data Collection

Collect operational data and diagnostics and get a real-time overview of all connected vehicles from a centralized wayside user interface, providing map views, data filters and configurable alerts.

Remote PIS Control

Reduce the number of manual tasks to be executed by drivers and on-board crew by enabling remote control of the on-board PIS functionalities.

Update Management

Monitor remote uploads and manage the on-board database, dataset or software modules on the entire fleet and store all versioned module artefacts centrally.


Enable secure, reliable and configurable message and file exchange between wayside and on-board applications across an entire fleet.

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