Audio communication

Find innovative solutions for all types of on-board audio communication.

The Televic GSP TRACS on-board audio system enables all flavors of on-board audio communication.

Whether by way of automated or manual Public Address announcements, on-board audio communication is a crucial means to inform passengers on the progress of their journey.

In addition, a reliable Passenger-to-Staff intercom is essential to address on-board emergency situations efficiently. And finally, a Staff-to-Staff intercom assists the crew in their daily operations.

These audio functionalities are fully integrated into the railway vehicles to ensure perfect audibility and smooth operations.

    public address announcement Crystal-clear voice communication between passengers, driver and staff

    Depending on the specific vehicle type and specific functional and/or redundancy requirements, different audio components are combined:

    • Audio Control Unit, providing coordination functions where needed and acting as a physical interface between cab equipment (microphones, loudspeakers, buttons, …) and the audio subsystem.
    • Amplifiers, capable of driving multiple independent or synchronized speaker branches to address specific zones inside and/or outside the vehicle.
    • Passenger Communication Units, in either Call-For-Aid or Passenger Alarm versions.
    • Guard Operational Panels, used by the crew throughout the train to carry out public address announcements and/or intercom calls.


    • Facilitates crystal clear voice communication.
    • Modular architectures to ensure cost-efficient installation able to meet the most demanding requirements for new built or refurbishment projects.
    • Smooth integration in vehicle interiors, for example by customizing the front plates of the panels, and by taking advantage of the small footprint of the devices.
    • Smooth technical integration in-vehicle architectures, as the number of the devices, zones, speakers, can be easily varied.
    • End-to-end integration of audio functions to ensure an optimal user experience for the on-board staff.     


    Public address

    Public address announcements

    Made by the driver, the on-board crew, or from the wayside control center via radio

    automated announcements to the passengers

    Automated announcements to the passengers

    Triggered automatically on configurable events

    Staff intercom

    Possible from cab to cab or between driver and crew

    passenger intercom emergency

    Passenger intercom

    Between passengers and driver/crew/control center

    Televic GSP ensures that the audio system gets fully integrated to support the required end-to-end audio functionalities.  Depending on project requirements this may include integration with the Human Machine Interfaces or mobile applications (providing the necessary audio controls to the on-board staff), interfaces with train radios (for remote communication with the control center) as well as interfaces towards other parts of the on-board PIS system, for example, to support the playback of automated PIS announcements.

    The Televic GSP TRACS audio system can be implemented in different architectures to support the required level of redundancy, using analog or digital fallback lines.

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