Train to ground communication

Get peace of mind with reliable connectivity and data management.

Unique features

Designed for rail

iSync optimizes data transfer, even under challenging conditions (poor connectivity, failing wireless links, systems going offline).


Software adapters make it possible to communicate not only with Televic products, but also with third party products and services.


The system can be enlarged to accommodate growth.

Future-proof modular design

iSync is designed to connect with current and future products, on-board and at the wayside.


iSync guarantees a secure and smooth data exchange process by transferring data in small individual bundles.

Synchronize and manage your data with iSync

You want a reliable connectivity and data management when it comes to real-time passenger information: updating the seat reservation system, retrieving real-time diagnostics or carrying out software updates.

That is why the exchange of data between train and ground systems is of key importance, both for increasing operational efficiency and for improving service towards passengers.

Our software platform manages bidirectional data synchronisation and provisioning between wayside and on-board systems. The system ensures the overall health and status of all data-dependant systems for any on-board application. The operator can control and monitor all operations from a central graphical user interface

Effectively manage all software and data to your fleet

  • Synchronize the data between wayside and on-board systems across an entire fleet.
  • Activate the necessary software components at the destination to update and configure the on-board or wayside systems correctly.
  • Control and monitor this process with a single central dashboard for an entire fleet.

Safely transfer data

  • Safely transfer data of all connected systems to and from the wayside via the most appropriate network.
  • Enjoy a reliable data exchange between control centers and running vehicles.
  • Keep the software and data of all on-board systems up-to-date and synchronized with a minimum of manual interventions.

One solution for all data transfer

The core of iSync consists of

  • an on-board software application
  • a wayside application, installed in a datacenter

Simple software adapters provide the necessary interfaces to interoperate with Televic and third party applications.

Combine with the iCom controller and MAR

With the iCoM controller you can support the necessary on-board hardware interfaces for on-board information and entertainment.

For the actual transmission of the data, you can add the Mobile Access Router (MAR) extension. The MAR makes Wi-Fi and mobile wireless connectivity available on board the train.

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