Train to ground communication

Enjoy reliable data synchronization and management for the entire fleet.

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Data synchronization and management

Passenger trains contain more and more systems and services on board. These systems depend on, and are producing large amounts of data.

Televic Rail optimizes data transfer between the fleet and the operational center, even under challenging conditions, such as poor connectivity, failing wireless links and systems going offline.

A Televic Mobile Acces Router connects physically the train to the ground via cellular and/or Wi-Fi networks.


Effectively manage all software and data

  • Securely synchronize data of any type between wayside and on-board systems across an entire fleet.
  • Deliver data and process for further actions, such as scheduling maintenance operations.
  • Control and monitor this process from a user-friendly dashboard for the entire fleet.
  • Minimize efforts to initialize and maintain on-board information systems.


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