Content management: LiveCom

Enjoy flexible Content Management for on-board Passenger Information & Entertainment

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For content management the operating company is in control. It can freely define, adapt and format the content of the information to be communicated at any time.

Content simulation

Experience journeys through the eyes of the passenger. Simulate the audiovisual content as rendered on any of the on-board devices.

Real-time data content management

Real-time data

Provide up-to-date and reliable information from various sources about destinations, connections at the next station, weather, news or any other third party feed.

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Content Management

Transport operators can easily manage their passenger information with Televic Rail’s content management system:

  • Manage the complete visual and automated audio communication.
  • Efficiently import and input stations, routes and journeys.
  • Create travel-related, commercial or entertainment content in multiple languages.
  • Display different information on different locations and devices at the same time.
  • Provide passengers with real-time customized travel information.
  • Remotely control all communication systems
content management for passenger information Real-time customized travel information