July 16, 2021

Digitalized passenger information systems

Feature focus

Railway operators are continuously looking for new ways to optimize their services and eventually unlock automatic train operation – where on-board guards or even drivers are no longer required. However, ensuring safe operation and keeping passengers up to speed at all times is still essential. Remote passenger information systems (PIS) allow you to handle the responsibilities of previously on-board staff from the operational control center (OCC), or even fully automate them.

Take control of on-board functionalities - from your OCC

Televic GSP’s Remote PIS Control bundles multiple on-board functionalities and exposes them through wayside interfaces (UI and APIs) so that they can be managed from your operational control center rather than by on-board staff members.

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There are the 4 core functionalities:

  • Remote journey selection: allows staff to remotely set a vehicle’s journey, which can be looked up based on its serial number, location and more.
  • Remote instant announcements: enables operators to send instant audio-visual messages that are immediately displayed on a filtered set of vehicles based on their route, journey, location, status, etc. The user can compose a message based on a certain subtype (ex. disruption information), which will define how the announcement will be made on board. Audio recordings can be uploaded or recorded via the browser, ensuring efficient creation and distribution. By selecting vehicles based on real-time information, operators make sure their announcements reach the right passengers at the right time.
  • Remote scheduled announcements: enables staff members to display announcements according to a set date or time range for a subset of vehicles based on parameters such as their route, journey, station, direction, etc. With this functionality, your staff can define and manage longer-term announcements that may, for example, inform passengers of upcoming routes, distribute promotions, etc.
  • Historical overview: enables your operators to retrieve an overview of the execution status of requested announcements at any moment. They can then follow up on what has been sent and scheduled for display.

Centralized communication based on real-time information

This easy-to-use solution facilitates the selection of the exact vehicles to be targeted based on real-time information. Free your staff from taking on-board PIS-related actions while offering a superior passenger experience by handling information delivery in a centralized, automated way.

The combination of audio and visual messages via a single system ensures information accessibility to the broadest-possible audience. Messages can be broadcast to a subset of the vehicle fleet through one action, boosting efficiency by avoiding the need to contact individual staff members operating a variety of journeys.

Easily create announcements and push them via a user interface or integrations with our secure APIs – enabling full interoperability with your existing announcement systems.


The on-board PIS systems are remotely controlled from the backoffice through LiveCoM Suite Remote PIS control The on-board PIS systems are remotely controlled from the backoffice through LiveCoM Suite Remote PIS control