Webinar Indian Railways, a future defined

  • September 26, 2019

The operation of the railways in India is unique, 122,000 km of track and 20,000 trains every day across a country that comprise 3,2000,000 km² of land. 

Condition Based Maintenance

Maintaining that infrastructure and rolling stock network is a task unparalleled in the world. This latest webinar from Televic will show how making use of Condition Based Maintenance technology can yield:

  • lower costs
  • improved reliability
  • a better passenger experience for India

India today and in the future

We will be exploring the challenges faced in India today and in the future, the practical steps that could be taken to make improvements and how they can be achieved. Experts from Televic will be answering questions and explaining the benefits.

Target audience

Train operating companies looking for ways to maintain their fleet in a safer, more efficient and cost-effective way.


Glyn Arthur is head of Global Business Development at Televic Rail. He joined the company in early 2018 after spending over twenty five years in the defense and aerospace sector with two major technology companies.  Glyn is a published author on subjects such as Big Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance.

Carl Eeckhout is R&D Team Manager at Televic Rail. He is specialized in mechatronics and is member of the board of directors of Flanders Mechatronics.

Indian Railways condition based monitoring India has 122,000 km of track and 20,000 trains crossing the country every day

Register now for the live webinar, Thursday, September 26th 2019 - 8:30 AM (CEST)