November 23, 2017

Muni's newest light rail train cleared for service

Around this time, the first new light cars in San Francisco come into service. On-board the innovative passenger information system of Televic Rail. 

Televic Rail provides the custom IP network, information screens, the audio communication system and the necessary software for content management and connectivity. The advanced software of Televic Rail really makes the difference. Lieven Danneels, CEO of Televic, is very proud of the project: "Silicon Valley - the Mecca of high technology - chooses our software. This shows how well we know the market. Our experience in Europe and Asia is an added value, even in one of the most developed regions in the world. "

The train builder for this project is Siemens, one of Televic Rail’s largest customers worldwide. This is one of the biggest orders for light rail cars every placed in the USA. The trains will be built at the Siemens factory in Sacramento, California. After a test phase, they will replace and expand the current fleet.

Take a look at the new Muni trains

Muni train passenger information system First new Muni train goes into service in San Francisco.