Condition Based Maintenance

Gain insight into the real-time operational condition of tracks and trains.

Did you know that maintenance of the train bogies accounts for around 12% of the total vehicle costs? No wonder so many rail professionals are switching to condition based maintenance and predictive analytics.

What is Condition Based Maintenance?

Condition Based Maintenance is a maintenance strategy to monitor the real-time condition of tracks and trains. This results in large data sets that give away key information for efficiency gains.

  • Do what is needed, not what is scheduled
  • Replace before failure
  • Be prepared for work

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condition based maintenance in rail CBM monitors the real-time condition of tracks and trains

Experts estimate that condition-based maintenance can lead to an overall reduction of at least 10 to 15% in maintenance costs.

McKinsey report

Bogie control systems

Passenger comfort measurement

The COSAMIRA system maps out the exposure to shocks and vibrations, providing an objective tool to measure and improve the passenger comfort on your fleet. The data can be used to actively move the car bodies in lateral direction (active lateral suspension), reducing shocks and discomfort.


To enable trains to tilt when entering a bend, Televic Rail has designed a bogie sensor system detecting turns in the trajectory. The sensors measure the tilting behavior and monitor aspects like uneven tilt, wheel unloading and gauge infringement.

Active Radial Steering

COSAMIRA is also used to steer the wheels of the bogie, decreasing rail and wheel friction. The sensors measure lateral wheel acceleration and use this data to control the actuator steering the wheelsets.

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