Cosamira (2016 - 2017)

Condition and safety monitoring in rail

Fleet-wide monitoring of the train condition

The Cosamira Project (in cooperation with UGent IDLabs) centers around the Condition and Safety Monitoring in Rail. It develops innovative solutions in the field of remote condition monitoring for an entire fleet.

Moreover, it offers high-quality computation and storage possibilities in a compact housing, with optional battery power and wireless connectivity.

The Cosamira technology is now part of our mechatronics solution.

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Discover how sensors lead to more safety, optimized maintenance and less costs.


Detecting issues in an early stage makes it possible to reduce the total lifecycle cost of rolling stock.


The mechatronic sensor platform is directly connected with train to wayside communication. Consequently, it enables operators to monitor the condition of bogies from a distance.


An open interface permits easy linking to the operator’s information systems, such as platforms for maintenance and reporting.