Control systems & mechatronics

Use sensors to monitor and detect different issues in an early stage. This leads to more safety, optimized maintenance and less costs.

Unique features


Minimize risks by monitoring different issues such as bogie instability, wheel unloading and track problems.

Optimized maintenance

Accurate forecasting enables optimized maintenance schedules. This leads to a higher availability and punctuality of the fleet.


Reduce operational costs: Detect issues in an early stage to avoid critical failures and to reduce the total lifecycle cost of rolling stock.

Sensors and safety systems

Televic Rail has 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bogie sensor and control systems, amongst other for tilting systems and the Bombardier FlexxTronic platforms.

Worldwide, thousands of Televic Rail sensors and safety systems are mounted on bogies and in car bodies.  Today our sensor subsystems are used as part of:

  • Control systems to control tilting, active radial steering, active lateral suspension, and selective door opening
  • Monitoring bogie parameters such as vibration and temperature
  • Safety systems used for bogie instability detection, gauge infringement, wheel unloading and side wind monitoring, including SIL2 implementations.

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Detect different issues in an early stage

Wheel issues

Wheel flats and wheel bearing issues are the main causes for maintenance interventions and potential safety risks.

Track issues

Track joint issues, ripples and track wear can cause bogie wear and damage.

Bogie issues

When not detected in an early phase, damage to bogie elements such as yaw dampers, motors and gear boxes can result in important downtime of the vehicles or serious safety risks.