Condition Based Monitoring & Train Control

Discover how the COSAMIRA system can help you to monitor and control your trains.

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COSAMIRA indicates which parts are most susceptible to wear and tear and indicates the likely failure modes. In this way you can optimize the complete maintenance cycle, reducing downtime and costs.

Predictive maintenance

The Televic sensor systems are placed in the optimal position to gain insight into the real-time operational condition of your fleet, enabling a fleet manager to effectively plan preventive maintenance rather than perform emergency repairs.


By continuously checking the actual state of every part it becomes possible to avoid safety risks due to wear and tear

20 years of Televic innovation

Televic Rail has twenty years of unparalleled proven experience in designing and manufacturing mission critical bogie sensor and control systems, amongst other for tilting systems and the Bombardier FlexxTronic platforms. Worldwide thousands of Televic Rail sensors and safety systems are mounted on bogies and in car bodies.