Condition Based Maintenance

Gain insight into the real-time operational condition of tracks and trains

What is Condition Based Maintenance?

Condition Based Maintenance is a maintenance strategy to monitor the real-time condition of tracks and trains. This results in large data sets that give away key information for efficiency gains.

How it saves you money:

  • Do what is needed, not what is scheduled
  • Do it before it breaks
  • Do only what is necessary

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condition based maintenance rail Large data sets give away key information

Experts estimate that condition-based maintenance can lead to an overall reduction of at least 10 to 15% in maintenance costs.

McKinsey report

Harvesting, battery or train power?

There are a number of powering technologies when it comes to Condition Based Maintenance in the railway industry.
The four main options are:

  • Thermal Harvesting
  • Battery Power
  • Vibration Harvesting
  • Wired Power

The power source you choose affects the quantity and quality of the data available for collection, analysis and onward transmission.

thermal harvesting condition based maintenance

Thermal Harvesting


  • Robust
  • Cheap


  • Very Low Energy amounts
  • Heat source needed
  • Doesn’t allow permanent operation
battery power condition based maintenance

Battery Power


  • Robust
  • Good energy buffer


  • Must be replaced
  • Degrades over time
vibration harvesting condition based maintenance

Vibration Harvesting


  • Cheap


  • Very low energy amounts
  • Tuned vibration source not realistic in rail use
  • Robustness issues
  • Doesn’t allow continuous monitoring
wired power condition based maintenance

Wired Power


  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Permanent operation


  • Requires cabling
  • Higher initial cost

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