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Through years of research and design involvement with railway engineering, Televic developed, together with its customers, various mechatronics devices.

All systems and devices are designed in line with relevant railway norms and suited to fulfill car-body, bogie and axle mounting requirements. On-board controllers process the sensor data information and send it to the relevant actuators and/or to the train management system as required.

Physical parameters currently supported are acceleration, strain, rotation, temperature, acoustic noise and displacement.

Televic developed the following systems and applications:

• Control equipment such as tilting, Active Lateral Steering, Active Radial Steering...

• Wired and wireless monitoring systems: bogie monitoring like torque and vibration; axle box bearings, gear box bearings; track conditions...        

• Safety systems : SIL2 systems to evaluate status with reference to bogie stability and bearing or gearbox temperature.

The company is actively involved in continuous research and improvement processes and works in close collaboration with several industrial partners and universities in developing solutions suiting specific requests.