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The Televic information Management System (TIMS) and the new information and Communication Manager (iCoM) allow operators to manage their complete traffic schedules, timetables, routes, stations and all information related to passenger information and infotainment using off-board software tools.

The TIMS manages stations, routes and journeys and makes it possible to define triggers and events, which will automatically operate the passenger information system in commercial operation.

It integrates among others a task scheduler, a video composer and a route simulator to manage and review all on-board passenger information and infotainment-related operations.

iCoM is Televic Rail's latest development in information management systems. It integrates all aspects of on- and off-board passenger information, infotainment and entertainment.

With iCoM, passenger information can be:

  • imported, created and formatted on the wayside
  • transferred in a reliable way to and from selected devices and vehicles or to a complete fleet
  • rendered to the right passengers at the right time, on trains, on buses, at stops and in stations

Thanks to its flexible design, iCoM can host and integrate third party applications and content (e.g. advertising), allowing the system to be tailored to each operator's needs.