On-board train networks

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The Digital On-Board Services Network offers the possibility to easily integrate systems from different suppliers through one unique Ethernet-based backbone.

Televic's Digital On-Board Services Network does not impose any type of restrictions on the protocols used by the various systems it integrates. As such it does not influence or restrict any client system's own evolution.

Built from individual network switches, organised in a redundant manner, the system brings the highest performance under unfavourable environmental conditions. Each network switch provides for logical management of traffic from different systems, guaranteeing the integrity of each individual system connected to the network. In particular, it can allocate and preserve bandwidth for all connected applications, giving higher priority to security-related functions.

A flexible and fast automatic reconfiguration algorithm copes with changing train configurations following coupling and decoupling of trains, restoring communications within milliseconds after the coupling.

Each switch provides self-diagnostics information to be used for maintenance and as such acts positively towards an overall reduction of life cycle costs.