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Integrated around the Televic Train IP backbone, the Televic surveillance system consists of a mix of different types of cameras (panoramic, hemispheric ...) connected to the cab and to a media server.

The system offers real-time and full-coverage monitoring of the cars. It operates in an automatic manner and provides reliable capturing, recording, and replaying of events in the train cars.

The driver has the possibility to monitor shootings of  individual cams on his touchscreen whilst the images are stored and eventually transmitted live to an off-board control center.

The on-board media server allows for: 

- automatic switching of cameras triggerred by events

- different video compression techniques

- modularely sizeable hard disks combined in RAID5 redundancy

- detection of loss of signal

- motion detection and mask function features

- monitoring and maintenance functions directly connected to TCMS

- digital watermarking of the images

Storage and playback functions off-board and on-board are enhanced by configurable options to customize and ease the review process.